Programming Homework

HWP7: Image Alignment

Goal: Learn how to implement image alignment

    • Align two images by feature matching, find their homography, and warp the transformed image into an aligned image.

Readings and sample codes

Program and test images

    • Prepare two images for one object. One image is aligned image, another one is a transformed image that can be scaled, rotated, translated and perspectively transformed.
    • To find the homography between the two images, you need to perform keypoint feature matching.
      • Use at least two keypoint methods.
      • Use at least two feature matching methods.

Web Report

    • Create a web page with descriptions, explanation and pictures for your programs.
    • Requirements of the report page:
      • For each program code, you have to write 4 parts: (1) goal of this code, (2) theory and principle of the code, (3) code segment explanation, and (4) result comparison or analysis.
      • Use your image to run your programs.
      • Compare and discuss the result images, and explain why the change of methods can produce different results.
      • Conclude with your best results.
    • Submit your web address by Google Classroom.